With over 22 years in the Advertising Industry, AwardsCine is considered one of the most solid production companies in all of  Latin America. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, AwardsCine maintains offices in Uruguay, Chile and Spain, and has vast experience casting, scouting and shooting all over the continent.


Alfredo Perez Veiga, CEO, has positioned AwardsCine as a launching platform for numerous renowned Argentine directors. AwardsCine is known by every major Client & Agency in the local market, having shot for the world’s most prestigious brands with directors on it’s own roster such as: Nico Perez Veiga, Martin Kalina, Felipe Gomez Aparicio, Adrian Caetano, Eliseo Subiela, Diego Nunez, Ariel Winograd, and many others.


Having been approached by foreign production companies for years, now, AwardsCine is bringing its combined experience and know-how to satisfying the needs of foreign productions shooting in South America.


Offering production services for TV commercials, stills photography and all multi-media platforms. Providing world-class production infrastructure and logistical support, ever mindful of cost-effective solutions without compromising creative vision.  Getting your vision to the screen or the page, seamlessly, on time, on budget,  with the highest quality and the fewest surprises, is our passion. We'll make sure you get a great steak too.



Alfredo Perez Veiga -  CEO


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Alfi, has had a strong career as General Account Director for the most prestigious Argentine agencies such as: Ratto BBDO – and Gowland.


In 1993 he started his own production company, founding AwardsCine with some of the  most creative local directors. It fast became the production company with the most traction in the market and to-date has now shot over 1000 commercials all over the world since it’s launch.


It is his consummate skill to understand and fulfill the needs of directors, agencies and clients to perfection, that is the reason every leading brand has chosen to work with AwardsCine time and time again.